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Bude Ladies 1 - Plymouth Marjon Two 3 05/10/2019

In remembrance to Shirley Walters.

Bude Ladies started the match strong, intercepting the ball and making strong tackles. During the first half the play was mainly down the centre of the pitch, Plymouth Marion’s managed to capitalise on an attack to open the scoring. 0-1. On the back foot Still with our heads high Tammy Snowsill played lovely long ball through to the strikers where an equaliser was on the cards, but Plymouth’s defence stayed strong and intercepted our play,.With only a couple minutes left of the first half Plymouth made some lovely passes up the pitch and found themselves in our D they took the opportunity to strike on goal with Jo Timmins making the save , they were right they for the rebound striking again Claire Westaway making an amazing save off the line.

The second half saw Bude more composed and using the width to get past the opposition. Bude worked hard through out but with a couple of weak passes Plymouth found themselves with ball again in our D. Goal 2 was scored. Not letting the 2nd goal get us down, we pushed as a team having some great runs from Charlotte Prime out the the wing. Defence stayed strong after several short corners one after another. But no goal was conceded.

Unfortunately goal number 3 thumbled in even after the great effort from Bude defence.

Bude midfield work well to get the ball up in the opposition 25. Long corner given, Robyn Johns past the ball to Tammy who past to Leanne she then drove the ball to the back line with a final slip to Tammy on the P spot where our goal was scored. Bude never gave up and kept fighting throughout, With many more opportunities on goal but unfortunately with no goal success. With a developing side bude have a lot to take to next week's game at Penzance. A game with heart and passion just like "our Shirley".



O.P.M Vs Bude Men

07/12/2019 - 1.30pm

Bude Ladies Vs Okehampton

18/01/2020 - 2.30pm

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